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Welcome to yard sale pricing where we provide several different categories of items, just as you would expect to find in any garage sale setting!

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We, at The Perpetual Garage Sale, will do our best to ship the Second Nature Quarry Critters, pet supplies and the Serenity Corner gifts, within one week of your order placement, depending on the day of the week that we receive the order! 

There are many aspects that set us apart from our competitors. We offer yard sale pricing on Second Nature Quarry Critters, numerous dog and cat supplies, and 12-step program gifts.   We primarily handle dog supplies and cat supplies, but some items would work well with ferrets or other small pets.  While you may think that you need to drive around looking for yard sale prices, we do it all with our online yard sale providing the luxury of home delivery!  We carry the best products at the best prices and conveniently stay open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year! Do you know of any other garage sale that offers yard sale pricing, and stays open around the clock?  Best of all, we require no minimum order!

Quarry Critters Second Nature Quarry Critters

"Second Nature Quarry Critters are made of a very unique material that took Don Thomas, Second Nature Design’s founder, two years to develop. It is a faux granite and resin blend that is cool and smooth to the touch and simulates real stone."   My collection started with the cats and dogs, and continued with the quarry kids.  You are sure to love them all as so many others do!  Quarry Critters can also be purchased as home decor for lawn and garden, picture frames, and even candle holders. Visit this link to find yard sale prices on these fabulous additions to your home decor! 

12 step programs Serenity Corner of 12-Step Recovery Gifts!

  You won't find many online yard sales that carry 12 Step program items.  We proudly carry Recovery Book Covers, Checkbook Covers, Gift Boxes, and God Boxes.  The Serenity Corner features book covers for the 12 step books, meditation books, checkbook covers, Teakwood gift boxes and Teakwood God boxes.  They are specially designed with the 12-step program theme, and the hope for serenity for everyone. These too, are sold with yard sale pricing to meet anyone's wallet.   Adam Schanz        

 Pet Supplies

 Everyone knows how expensive it can be to own and raise cats and dogs.  Most of us have pets, and will have them throughout our lives.  We are here to try to make pets an affordable household expense so that more people can enjoy their unconditional love!  The Perpetual Garage Sale takes a lot of the cost out of owning household pets, giving you the advantage of being a dedicated pet owner while not digging to deep into your pockets.  Again, here you will find yard sale prices on numerous dog and cat and other small pet supplies.

Fantasy Art Jewelry

Licensed Body Jewelry

High Quality Plugs Body Jewelry

Fantasy art with body jewelry has become more than popular!  Here you will find jewelry for body piercings including belly button piercings, plugs, labrets, navel rings, and more.  Our body jewelry selection offers a large inventory of 316L Surgical Steel and fluorescent U.V. body jewelry and fantasy body art.  You can feel confident when you order your body piercings jewelry from Alder Security. We have a tremendous selection of Body jewelry at very reasonable prices.  Your desire for fantasy art body piercing jewelry with the latest fashions in Body Jewelry, licensed body jewelry and all other body piercings  jewelry can be found here at very competitive prices.  Take your time and look around.  I'm confident you will find body jewelry with a fantasy art touch, or licensed body jewelry that you would be proud to display!

christmas gift ideas, santa clause pictures, personalized gifts

happy bunny,easter 2005,the childrens place,personalized gifts

santa claus pictures, personalized gifts, unigue gifts

Letters from Santa, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy for your little ones!

christmas trees, christmas ornaments, christmas decorations

no child left behind, holiday gifts,happy bunny, personalized gifts

Santa Claus pictures, the Easter bunny, and the tooth fairy for young girls and boys always set off a certain element of excitement.  How ecstatic do you think your child or children would be if they received a personalized gift from Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy?  Can you remember when you were a child, and how much you loved receiving mail?  I know for myself that receiving the unique gift of a custom letter from Santa Clause, the Easter Bunny, or the Tooth Fairy would have been the ultimate!  Easter Bunny letters, especially custom letters from Alder Security, would just keep that curiosity and beginning doubt of the reality of Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy a little bit more at bay.  Maybe one more year of the fascination of Santa Clause could be obtained if your child received the personalized gift, the unique gift, of a custom letter from Santa, the Easter Bunny or the Tooth Fairy. Personalized gifts, unique gifts, or gift baskets are all a part of the childhood dream and the wonderment of the holidays.

Holiday gift ideas for children are many, but not too many of them last a lifetime.  Personalized gifts such as the custom letters from Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy, all of the once a year happenings, elate children of all ages. 


Our online garage sale features many different items with yard sale prices, and will continue to search in the taped up boxes and throughout the attic, looking for items that may be of interest to our online yard sale customers.  Feel free to mingle and see what you like!  Look for incense, posters, and candles to be added in the very near future, among other things.

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