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The Perpetual Garage Sale is one of many Department Stores Online where you can direct buy collectible animal figurines that will last many generations! Best Friend Gift Ideas such as adorable animal figurines and plush life-like stuffed animals are great gifts for any ocassion. Collectible animal figurines for lawn and garden decor are also treasured.

As every year, Second Nature Design retired some of their collectible animal figurines in the last quarter of 2007.  This year was a very hard hit year as they retired quarry critters in excess of 100!   It is still possible to get some of the Best Selling Toys and find Unusual Gift Ideas from what is left in stock from those that were taken out of production.  I still have adorable animal figurines from the retired quarry critters group, and now I have all of the new adorable animal figurines that replaced them.  I carry the entire collectible animal figurines characters, including the funny cats and crazy frogs.  Two years ago, Second Nature Design added a new collection of penguins. They are one of the most popular collectible animal figurines I have ever seen.  Last year african animal figurines were among the new releases and were also quite popular.  Among the crazy frogs and funny cats, there are now collectible animal figurines such as zebras, giraffes, monkeys, rhinoceros and hippopotamus.  Most critters can be ordered and shipped to you within 48 hours unless I am out of stock.  That situation happens only on rare occasion. 

Shipping is based on USPS charges per item based on weight and size.  If multiple critters are ordered, shipping charges will be adjusted accordingly at the time of purchase. 

This is one of the Department Stores Online that still carries the majority of the collection of retired quarry critters and retired Quarry Kids.  Some of these retired kids would be wonderful in your back yard as lawn and garden decor.  Perpetual Garage Sale, LLC has a pretty good selection still available so if you are interested in any of them, so now would be a good time to get them!  These collectible animal figurines with their kids are absolutely adorable and would make great Best Friend Gift Ideas.  You still have the opportunity to add some of these adorable animal figurines that will never be made again, and they won't last forever. Best Friend Gift Ideas of collectible animal figurines are few and far between.

Second Nature Quarry Critters are for you if you have a love for simply irresistible animals as I do. The entire collection of Quarry Critters is one of the cutest I've seen!  They are made of a resin like material and not like any other collectible figurines of their kind. Because of the resin type material, they make fabulous lawn and garden decor.  The expressions they have been given make them that much more unique. Quarry Critters by Second Nature Design funny cats, crazy frogs, african animal figurines, polar bears, mice, and the rest of the zoo make wonderful Unusual Gift Ideas for the collectible animal figurine lovers in your family, or for any figurine loving friend. The funny cats, crazy frogs, and penguins are among my favorites, but I have become enchanted with the entire "Noah's Ark" from the Quarry Critters family.

Department Stores Online such as The Perpetual Garage Sale create an ideal headquarters for everyone on your Unusual Gift Ideas list. I have the entire collection of crazy frogs, polar bears, elephants, dogs, mice, funny cats, the new african animal figurines, plus the remaining Quarry Critters to my collection. Each of these adorable animal figurines have their own style and crafty dispositions. There is definitely a favorite funny animal for everyone!  Rest assured, it would be very easy to find a collectible critter to add to your personal collection as well! 

Second Nature Design Quarry Critters can also be purchased as home decor or lawn and garden decor.  The latest additions are Simply Irresistible, plush life-like stuffed animals, Quarry Critters Sentiments, a set of miniatures for each of the already loved critters, and Quarry Critter Penguins. The penguins have been one of the biggest hits I have ever witnessed! They have been given the same type priceless expressions that make them among the most delightful funny animals you can purchase.

Pictured are just a few of the favorite funny animals that you can collect for your own pleasure or give as a present to a friend or loved one for their collection.  The Simply Irresistible collection (plush life-like stuffed animals) and the original Quarry Critters are sure to give a smile to anyone that owns them.

Many new Second Nature Design Quarry Critters have been added to this year's collection!  Keep visiting to see more of my favorite collectible animal figurines in both the new simply irresistible plush life-like stuffed animals collection and the original resin style quarry critter designs.

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