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alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous gifts

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Alcoholics anonymous and narcotics anonymous with the help of their respective 12 step programs can be a way out of a very crazy addiction lifestyle. Alcohol and drug addiction are horrifying problems for the family members and friends as well as the persons with the alcohol or drug addiction.  Alanon and Alateen have 12 step programs also.  All of the programs are held together with the use of the serenity prayer and each individual's higher power in a very open group setting for sharing stories and comforting each other.  Don't assume a higher power to be "God", or "A God" or religious figure in any way.  A higher power may simply be the pencil and paper that a member of alcoholics anonymous, narcotics anonymous, alanon or alateen, or whomever, chooses to use as their means of "letting go" and staying straight.  At the same time, for many, God is their higher power.  I have many book covers for the multitude of recovery books for those in 12 step programs such as alcoholics anonymous, alanon and even alateen.  Try one of our leather or leather-like book covers with or without the medallion holder!  Let the alcoholics anonymous gifts be a spiritual selection from your heart.  Use our gift certificate link below to purchase gifts for sobriety from alcohol and drug addiction.

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12 step programs custom leather book covers with or without medallion or coin holders, all created with spiritual serenity in mind


Culver Enterprises has been Manufacturing Alcoholics Anonymous (AA), Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and all of the 12-step program for addiction recovery books covers for over 23 years.

We provide alcoholics anonymous gifts, such as book covers for the many twelve step program books that are used daily and read at most alcoholics anonymous meetings and narcotics anonymous meetings. Because these alcohol and drug addiction books are used on a daily basis for most, without the book covers, it would not be long before the books would be unreadable.  Alcoholics anonymous meetings and narcotics anonymous meetings are usually held several times a day and many times each week.  The attendance of the alcoholics anonymous meetings and narcotics anonymous meetings are often what helps some people with addictions stay clean and sober.  The Serenity Corner features book covers for recovery books like the Big Book, many inscribed with the serenity prayer, some with a pocket for a coin or medallion, some like-leather and some real leather.  Coupled with the additional help of the Serenity prayer and each persons chosen higher power, these narcotics anonymous meetings and alcoholics anonymous meetings are very successful and truly help manage alcohol and drug addiction.

We are continuously adding more of the recovering book covers and alcoholics anonymous gifts to our already, very wide selection. Most are silk screened, or hot stamped with either the Serenity Prayer, 12 step program slogans, or symbols specific to the individual programs themselves.  You can order single unique gifts with custom covers using the existing designs displayed on the different web pages.  There is an additional fee for those, depending on what you want.  There is also custom work available for special logos/artwork and/or messages, but only for orders of 100 covers or more, and there is also an additional setup fee.  Please email for specific information on a personal order request.

Whatever your involvement in a 12 step recovery program, whether you attend narcotics anonymous meetings or alcoholics anonymous meetings yourself, or you are looking for a gift for someone else, you are sure to find something appropriate here.  Your Serenity books can be protected to last much longer with the leather-look or the genuine leather custom book covers.  With a gift like this, anyone can place a problem or emotional hurt into the serenity box, and leave it there for their higher power to tend to.  Especially in the beginning of someone's recovery, the serenity prayer along with the recovery birthday traditions medallions are a great incentive for many to stay on track.  If you are associated with anyone that is striving for sobriety that has a recovery birthday coming up, show them how proud you are that they are living with sobriety and they are members of a 12 step program.  Support them with items that reflect the serenity found in each of these gifts.  If they are fairly new to the program, you might consider one of the book covers that display the serenity prayer, and also boast their time in recovery with a medallion or coin!

These gifts are not meant to replace any recovery meetings.

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